Top 1O Ways to Have an Excellent Visit from Santa!


Santa Claus of Tulsa with his elves!

  1. Consider where you'll want Santa to sit. Be sure the chair is not too soft and there's room for Santa and child. Leave room behind Santa's chair for guests and a group picture.
  2. Make the background festive using a wreath or other holiday decor.
  3. You will be taking lots of pictures so have batteries at the ready or charger. Take practice pictures at the same time of day you'll be expecting Santa, to check lighting. If too dark add lamps or if too bright, close curtains. And remember don't forget to take a few pictures for Santa. Santa would love any pictures you'd like to share.
  4. Make sure the room is cool for Santa. Santa's suit is warm and with guests a room can get very toasty. Consider having a small fan ready if needed.
  5. Remind guests that Santa never breaks character and remind them not to ask questions like, "Where did you get that suit?" or "Have you played Santa long?" It's important you treat Santa as Santa Claus not as someone playing Santa.
  6. Have someone designated to be Santa's helper, his Elf. Santa's Elf should be able to receive his text, letting them know he's arrived. The Elf should meet Santa out of sight of guests and direct him where to make his entrance. Santa's Elf can also be the one helping the children, making sure they're in the desired pose by lifting, maneuvering and cleaning little sticky fingers.
  7. Santa will gladly pass out candy or gifts you provide. Have Santa's Elf ready with the gifts to put in his bag before his grand entrance. Please limit gifts to what would fit in a 30 gal bag and not be too heavy.
  8. Santa may need a nudge as his time comes to a close. Saying, "Hey Santa how about a Christmas song or a story?" can signal the end is near. Santa likes to end with a Christmas carol or reading the Christmas story Twas the Night before Christmas. Be aware Santa leaves at the end of the carol or story with, "Merry Christmas to All and To All a Good Night."
  9. If there is a balance due Santa have it ready. Place in a Christmas card or envelope to hand to Santa as he leaves. Saying for example, "Here's our Christmas card from all of us, Santa!"
  10. And last but not least, we are always happy to discuss ways in which we can make your event magical, so please don't hesitate to contact us.