What People are Saying About Santa Claus of Tulsa


Santa Claus of Tulsa has made many families, businesses and groups very happy. I've appeared at hospitals, churches, colleges, club meetings and more--even helped present the weather on the local news! Here are just a few comments from clients.

Last year 2014, at our club's annual 'Holiday Party' I invited Santa! He arrived dressed in the finest of Santa attire and he was in quite a jovial mood! Why "His eyes-how they twinkled, his dimples how merry!... He had a broad face and a little round belly, that shook when he laughed like a bowl full of jelly!" Why he was just what any child ever imagine Santa to be! He provided grown ups and children a great opportunity to have our picture taken with Santa! I give this official Card Carrying Santa an excellent review!

Ronnie Ashford, President of Green Country Water Garden Society, An Affiliate Club of Tulsa Garden Center

You are such a cool Santa. I thought I would let you know that yes, your walk around was very meaningful to our patients. One woman we knew would be dying before Christmas--she was young and was with us for a long while, so we loved her very much. She passed before the photos were passed out. My staff contacted the family and asked them if they would still like to have the photo of her posing with you. It meant a lot to them and they were very grateful to see that she had shared such a happy moment.

Hope to see you again in December!

Linda M. Tiemens, CEO, Select Specialty Hospital Tulsa

Since he first popped into the Santas on the Facebook scene, Santa Claus of Tulsa (Bob Bulick) has been a delightful contributor to the Christmas community, and a great role model for anyone in the business. His good humor inspires all of us who come in contact with him, and he shows us all what it is to have a true "Santa heart." Selected by the illustrious Claus.net to be their Santa of the Month in January, 2016, and recently featured in local news and weather productions around his home town, Santa Claus of Tulsa can make any day merry and bright. Shine on, Santa!