All About Santa Claus of Tulsa


A final thought: When I started a few years ago, I just saw this as simply something fun to do. But something happened, something wonderful. Wearing the suit and greeting little ones and adults, things have changed. We all know the children bring their lists and tell Santa many things, but so do a few adults. I have been fascinated with my life now, wearing this suit. The heartfelt stories shared of days gone by. Stories about fathers, long passed, who gave their children that magical moment on Christmas Eve. All I can say is, while I always believed in the spirit of Santa Claus, I never truly believed like I did as a young boy till now. I am not Santa. I'm just an old man with a big beard, a red suit and a heart 3 sizes bigger than before. I am not Santa. But I get to represent the best there is, I get to represent hope and love. I am not Santa - until a child sees me and then I am everything. Thank you, Santa Claus for letting me see through your eyes something I never imagined was so abundant: Love and Hope.



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