Santa Claus of Tulsa Spreads Christmas Joy in Oklahoma!

Santa Claus of Tulsa has a real beard and a real belly, and would love to visit your home, office, or party!The elves have booted me out of the workshop while they are making toys for all the good girls and boys!

That gives me lots of time to pay visits to you and your family and friends. I can drop in at your party, deliver gifts...even make that special delivery, like picking up Grandma at the airport and bringing her to your home! I can even arrange a "catching Santa" video for you to show your kids on Christmas morning!

Perhaps you have a business? I can be at your event, office party, or deliver gifts to clients or employees, or appear in ads. I've visited a number of Tulsa-area businesses and churches and would be happy to supply references!

My beard and hair are real, and so is my belly...thanks to Mrs. Claus! I'm a member of the International Brotherhood of Real-Bearded Santas and a founding member of their Oklahoma Santas affiliate.

I'm hoping the elves will let me back in the workshop for Christmas. Meanwhile, if you need me to come to your home or business, you can find me on Facebook or Google+, or you can contact me using our handy contact form. It's faster than sending mail to the North Pole!